Xochitl Quezada

California Divorce Attorney

Subsequently, after working for two small law firms, she opened her own practice in 2007. During her time as a solo practitioner, she gained extensive trial experience in cases ranging from civil, family and trust litigation to real estate disputes. This provided her insight and understanding of the resourcefulness, preparation, and strategy it takes to be a successful trial lawyer.

During this time, she also volunteered for Legal Aide once a week helping pro pers. She also volunteered for KIND representing children who were in the United States illegally and represented them in guardianship and family law so their loved ones could obtain custody so they could apply for residency.

Education and Qualifications:

She attended UCI and obtained her B.A. in psychology and criminology.

Xochitl Quezada obtained her law degree from New York Law School.

Success is not just about standing tall, but also about the path we forge

Xochitl Quezada